According to Chinese Medicine theory when the body has too little or too much of something (let's call it excess or deficiency) this is when symptoms of various conditions appear. 


Fertility and Chinese Medicine

There are many reasons why people find it hard to fall pregnant. Often these reasons are due to stress related conditions. A little bit of stress is natural and provides us with drive, motivation or stimulation to detract from whatever it is that is causing the stress. When the stress is continuous and the body is constantly stimulated and full of stress hormones, these take over and other areas in our body miss out on proper support. The main two areas in this case are the fertility system and the digestive system. Chinese Medicine can't take the stress away, but it can provide additional support for the body during this time.

Digestion is important in relation to fertility because our food is where we get our energy and nutrients. We need energy so we can continue functioning, but we also need our blood supply full of nutrients in order to fall pregnant. As blood flows around the body, it is nourishing, healing, and carries our hormones to different areas where they are needed.

IVF, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

As mentioned, stress plays a large part in fertility issues and yet IVF can be one of the most stressful situations people find themselves in. Using Chinese Medicine may reduce the impact stress has on the body, and encourage blood circulation during an IVF or FET cycle. It may also provide additional support for patients and their families who may not have many people to discuss their experience with. 

What to expect

The first consultation will be in-depth and will focus on your reason for coming in. Depending on your symptoms and the reason for your visit, we may also talk about sleep, diet, digestion, stress, your environment, any illnesses or troubles you may have had as a child, or what other areas are affected either directly or indirectly as a result of your complaint. All this information helps us to understand the patterns of your symptoms and identify any underlying causes, which will then help with your care.

During the consultation we will also discuss your care options and develop a plan that we can both follow with an understanding of the reasons behind your care plan, expected outcomes and time frame involved.

If along the way there is anything that requires further investigation or help from another professional, then we will also talk about referral options that you are comfortable with.