We consider education and lifestyle choices to be an integral part of your care. 

Spinal Stability and Strength:

By balancing the strength of the muscles that stabilise the body, the spine can hold it’s posture and move more efficiently. This may reduce the incidence of spinal strain and injury and provides better sensory input to the brain. 

Postural Retraining:

Posture is not just how you sit or stand, it’s how you move your body as well. We place great importance on retraining and educating our patients on the correct posture for them and which muscles should be engaged during movement. This reduces the strain on joints and soft tissues assisting in overall health of the body.

Nutritional Therapy:

The gut is one of the first lines of defence in the immune system and also the most active. What we consume can have a major effect on our gut and immune health and hence, our inflammatory response. Poor gut function and health will invariably go on to cause problems elsewhere in the body, including the joints and nervous system.

We aim to reduce symptoms and improve overall gut health through:

•  Identifying and correcting any problems within the several gut layers.

•  Identifying any possible food intolerances or lifestyle triggers.

•  Ensuring food choices and supplements are appropriate and at a level to assist with any individual ailments.

Functional Neurology:

All of our chiropractors have further training in functional neurology and can discuss with you how it may assist in your recovery or to optimise your overall function. 

Lifestyle choices:


Both quality and quantity of sleep is crucial to the health of our body and mind. This is a time when the brain can slow down and integrate the days input. The tissues of the body, including the spine, have time to heal and regenerate without the strain of gravity and environmental influence. Ensuring you have a good, supportive mattress and pillow can assist with both your quality and quantity of sleep.

Stress management:

We live in an age of constant information and sensory stimulation. ‘Stress’ is being cited as the cause of many ailments and disease in the modern age, such as heart disease, mental health issues and infertility. Finding an appropriate stress-relieving routine can be crucial to the health of many individuals. This could include exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, music and much more.

Toxic load:

The toxic levels both in our external and internal environment are on the rise. Externally through pesticides, plastics, electromagnetic radiation and medications. Internally through rising stress levels and free radical activity. Recognising and reducing some of these toxins may help balance the things that we can’t change.  


Recent research has shown that sitting all day can have a significant effect on life expectancy. This is despite any regular exercise. We can advise on the use of a sit/stand desk and how to implement more movement into your day. 


Research has shown exercise provides numerous major health benefits to both our physical and mental health. We recommend varied, daily exercise at a minimum of 20 minutes.