As chiropractors, we have the privilege of helping many families on this exciting journey. We offer modified chiropractic care, advice and support throughout preconception, pregnancy and into new parenthood. Chiropractic care may be able to help with the musculoskeletal aches and pains of a pregnant mother. A healthy, strong mum may result in a more comfortable and less stressful pregnancy.


Babies are not yet able to communicate effectively. A cry can mean so many different things and for some families this can be a very stressful time. All of our chiropractors are trained to check for restrictions in spinal and cranial function as well as neurological signs of potential developmental delays. This is such a crucial time in brain development and our techniques are extremely gentle and specific to ensure we do not overstimulate their little systems.


Childhood and adolescents is a major time for creating and cementing neurological pathways that are capable of shaping the adults we become. 

In early childhood we learn to balance, walk and run, with many spills along the way. Then sports and school put more strain onto our still growing spines. 

Chiropractic aims to correct misalignments and functional restrictions that invariably crop up as we grow and challenge the body in new ways. We can also advise on beneficial exercise or games to help with spinal strength, as well as nutritional choices that may benefit each child. 

Good spinal and postural habits started as a child will hopefully continue on into adulthood.